Technical Specifications for Materials used in our products! Gluen™ Reflective Material Retro-reflective lenses bonded to the material return light back to the light source, creating a reflection and enhancing your safety at night and in low visibility situations. This material can be found on much of our apparel.

3M Thinsulate™ Thermal Insulation High tech micro fibers allow this insulation to trap more air in less space. Ultimately, it is twice as warm as other high loft insulations, including down. For your cool weather riding, many of our garments include this liner material. Carbon Fiber found in Motorcycle Gloves & Suits Lightweight, strong and durable; Carbon Fiber is a 21st century technology that we integrate into many of our products. The fibers have exquisite properties such as high tensile strength and heat resistance. Carbon Kevlar® -used in our Race Suits The lightest and most impact, anti-abrasive resistant cloth available world-wide. The carbon fiber and Kevlar® fabric matrix delivers an efficient construction in terms of lightweight with maximum impact and abrasion resistance.

DuPont COOLMAX® Fabric COOLMAX®, the same material that is used by athletes to keep cool and dry during vigorous physical activity. This amazing fabric removes perspiration from the skin sending it to the surface of the material. Ultimately, COOLMAX® material channels moisture away from the skin through the fibers of the material itself allowing the air to dry and cool the body. DuPont Cordura® An air-textured, high-density nylon yarn, Cordura® provides a combination of durability and high abrasion-resistance to our textile line. Cordura Polytexx® A heavy duty 100% rigid textile used in our textile jackets & pants, provides a combination of durability and high abrasion-resistance to our textile line. Cordura Nylexx® 100% nylon textile used in our textile jackets & pants, provides a combination of durability and high abrasion-resistance to our textile line.

DuPont Kevlar® Thread – used in Motorcycle Gloves Many of our products are sewn with 100% Kevlar® thread. This advanced technology from DuPont helps us to transform ordinary products into extraordinary ones. It is incredibly strong and is ideal for extreme abrasion and heat. Kevlar® thread is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet, at the same time, is lightweight (lighter than nylon), flexible and comfortable. Kevlar stitching guarantees against rot, has great lubricity, and is very long lasting. Kevlar is a revolutionary technology and its design makes it one of the toughest commercial materials in existence today. Mattexx® A super heavy-weight abrasion resistant multi-fiber fabric. We use assorted colors in our textile line as reinforcement on critical impact areas.

HIPORA Gloves Insert HIPORA has solved the biggest problem inherent in conventional waterproofing. Numerous micro pores are dispersed throughout the polyurethane coated film which shut out water from the outside but permit the moisture and water vapor from the body to vent out, allowing the fabric to breathe. KNOX Armor – used in motorcycle jackets and race leathers World class Impact protection and CE rated body armor from shoulder, elbow and knee protectors right to the latest CE approved back protectors (1621-2) and safety shirts. KNOX armor meets or exceeds all CE MARK EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 testing. Leidel & Kracht CE Approved Armor – found in motorcycle pants, jackets and race leathers BELPAK only uses CE Mark approved armors specifically designed with our garments in mind. Each armor grade is mated with garment use. A combination of flexible, lightweight and multi density/multi material construction of energy absorbing “body armor”.

Wear it without even knowing its there. Safety and comfort no longer have to be mutually exclusive. Spec. approval number CE MARK EN1621-1. Betac Armor Italian made CE rated and approved impact armor and protectors. Naked Drum Dyed Leather BELPAK uses full grain and top grain Naked Drum Dyed leather. Strict quality control and quality assurance systems are in place to ensure that our products yield the finest texture, uniformity and pliability in our leathers for all weather conditions to ensure years of trouble free use. We do not use common grade, inferior split milled, cheaply plated or pressed leather in our products. REISSA® & Taftexx® Water-resistant lining Water repellency, moisture vapor permeability and breathability are combined in this fabric to provide the ultimate barrier. Sub-micron sized fabric matrix repel water molecules from outside while allowing air and smaller body moisture vapors to pass through separating you from all weather conditions.

Schoeller® Keprotec Material – used in our race suits and jackets Specially designed to resist abrasion, Keprotec consists of Cordura®/Dynafil TS-70 for supporting fabric, Aramid fibers (Kevlar®) to protect against friction and heat and a Polyurethane layer to provide weatherproofing and breathability. Schoeller® Reflex Material For the discreet yet safety conscious rider, Schoeller® has created a black and silver material offering the safety of traditional “silver” reflective material with an added daytime stealth look. Temper Foam® Padding Temper Foam® is temperature sensitive foam which gets softer and more malleable when warmed and firmer when cooled. Similar to a liquid gel that becomes firmer upon impact, yet remains soft and fluid to the touch. Temper Foam® automatically becomes firmer under impact compression because it has the extraordinary ability to absorb energy. Temper Foam® protects you from vibrations and the shock from severe impacts. TPU & Aluminium Composites Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a high performance thermoplastic, which has been extensively tested and is used in several of our products due to its superior physical properties (e.g. high tensile strength, abrasion and tear resistance, oil and solvent resistance, low temperature flexibility, etc.). YKK Zippers When you see YKK you see a brand that has been built over the last 70 years and is now a leader in the industry. Constantly setting new standards in quality is the reason Belpak has chosen YKK for our line.

LDPE Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a lightweight, flexible technology that is a superior choice for anti abrasive applications. Its impact resistance makes it a natural for impact protection and is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.